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CPA & HMS Books for E-Readers
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In Flander's Fields by Ted Plantos, Carol Malyon & Leanne Ray

Dictionary of Canadian Jail Terminology edited by Ray Scott

Remembering Olga Rechnitzer

Creative Plagiarism CPA BookClub Booklit

Regional Short Stories: The Literary Highway by Wayne Ray

Auschwitz Revisited by Wayne Ray

Jaiku Haiku by Ray Scott

Going Down Goose Lane by Wayne Ray

She Cast No Shadow by Cathy Inculet

An Internet Affair by Darlene Blue

Books for E-Readers

Jane Conquest 1884

EOA Poems edited by Anna Fleet

EOA Short Stories edited by Anna Fleet

Subterfuge by Leanne Ray & Lisa Nicolle

Cherish Our Heritage: TOPS anthology

Rise Up Singing Anthology edited by Cynthia Bachelor

Tear The Rust Off My Heart Anthology

Tsalagi: Trail of Tears by Wayne Ray

The Writer Must Take Himself Wherever He Goes by Wayne Ray

If You Like:flash fiction by Wayne Ray

Books for E-Readers