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Published between 1983 - 2011

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A Star Struck Night           Gerry Stewart
Arma Virumque Cano           Wayne Ray
Auschwitz    (UnMonPress)       Wayne Ray
Blowing Holes Through the Everyday     Sheila Dalton

Doodly Glitch        K.W.Ferguson
Fancy of the Muse           Richard Heidemann
Floating Duckweed (haiku)        Bruce Ross
Gathering Fuel in Vacant Lots          Jennifer Footman
Going Down Goose Lane   (Harmonia)    Wayne Ray
I Should Be In Chains       Kathy Fisher
Island Women          Chris Faiers
It Doesnt Matter          Robert McLennan
Leda            Wayne Ray
Metal Tree             David Berthiume
Mirrors of Serenity  Audry Sloan
North Light     Jack Brooks
Reaching               Anne Scott Musil
Reflections on a Sunday Morning        Fraser Wheaton
Riding on the Coattails of Death            B.F. Gardner
Said In Silence               Hilary Wood
She Cast No Shadow           Cathy Inculet/Wayne Ray
Silence: collected haiku           Bruce Ross
Slender Threads          Monica Lee
Suburban Eyes        Wayne Ray
Subterfuge             Lysa Nickole/Leanne Ray
Summer Drizzles (haiku)           Bruce Ross
Troubadoura              Michele Kaplan
The Marie Poems           Terry James
Under The Jasmine Moon                 Geri Rosenzweig
Thornless Rose          Robert Higson
Weather Report           Brian Burch
Whiskey Jack          Milton Acorn
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